Germany: Doctors believe the vaccine will be available to everyone in May

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Doctors who work with residents of the country who are insured by state health insurance companies assume that vaccination priorities can be canceled as early as May.

Andreas Gassin, chairman of the National Association of Compulsory Medical Insurance Doctors, said: “If the delivery of vaccination drugs increases, as promised by the authorities, in May, physicians will receive significantly more than 2.25 million doses, which are received weekly at vaccination centers,” reports. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “.

“In May, in addition to general practitioners, doctors specializing in other fields will gradually join the vaccination company, and more people can be vaccinated, including those who do not belong to priority groups.” Gessen also added: “I expect the prioritization rules to be phased out in May. Then every adult will be able to get the coronavirus vaccine. “

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