Germany: Dangerous effects of Covid-19 on older people

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“Lack of vitamin D leads to fragility of bones, and in older people, its absence can lead to fractures. That is, the risk of fractures in COVID survivors-19 elderly people are increasing “, – doctors explain.

Thrombosis caused by the virus damages almost all organs, and also contributes to the disruption of blood supply to the bones and joints. About 20 percent of patients with coronavirus, doctors explain, complain of bone and joint pain that persists for two to three weeks after recovery.

Doctors recommend that elderly patients who have undergone COVID-19 take a complete blood count, as well as check the parameters of the liver, kidneys and, with their doctor, assess the state of the myocardium. This will make it possible to compile a complete picture of the state of the body and exclude residual inflammatory processes.

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