Germany: Children contract coronavirus more often than known

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In Bavaria, children are six times more likely to contract the coronavirus than previously thought, according to official figures. This is evidenced by a study of antibodies produced by children, conducted by the Helmholtz Zentrum München.

At the beginning of the pandemic in Bavaria, six times more children were infected with the new type of coronavirus than officially registered. This became known after the research conducted by Helmholtz Zentrum München. The researchers emphasize that not only a virus detection test is important to monitor the infection process, but also antibody tests.

Between January and July 2020, scientists examined nearly 12,000 blood tests donated by children living in Bavaria, between the ages of one and 18, for antibodies to Sars-CoV-2.

Between April and July, an average of 0.87 percent of children had antibodies. Compared to the detected cases of children with coronavirus, which became known to the Bavarian State Health Office, the presence of antibodies in children during this period is six times higher. It is significant that just under half (47 percent) of children who developed antibodies were asymptomatic during their infection.

About a third (35 percent) of children living in families where at least one person has been infected have developed antibodies. Since they had no symptoms, they were not tested for the virus. The researchers concluded that the infected person infects more people than described in previous studies.

The results of the study did not reveal the significance of gender differences on disease risk.

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