Germany: AstraZeneca falls short of promised vaccine supply

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In January the company AstraZeneca warned the EU that due to production problems, it would not will fulfill its obligations to the first quarter. In the last quarter of 2020, she was supposed to deliver 30 million doses, but not put neither one since EU to that time not approved her vaccine.

In February, a document from the German Ministry of Health said that AstraZeneca was projected to eliminate all deficiencies and supply shortages of vaccines by the end of September. The document noted that Germany expected to receive 34 million doses in the third quarter, bringing their total to 56 million. Thus, it would receive in full its share of the vaccine from the total amount of 300 million promised by AstraZeneca to the European Union.

An EU spokesman told Reuter that AstraZeneca will supply less than half of the vaccines it promised under the contract to EU countries in the second quarter. He said that the company will supply less than 90 million doses, instead of the 180 million promised. This will prevent the EU from achieving its stated goal of vaccinating 70% of the adult population by summer.

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