German Consumer Advocacy Center: Giving Gift Certificates Is Dangerous

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What to give loved ones for Christmas when shops are closed due to strict quarantine? Many residents of the country choose certificates for various concerts, a visit to a restaurant, a SPA weekend in a luxury hotel as a presentation. However, experts from the Consumer Rights Protection Center recommend weighing the pros and cons several times before making such a gift on the eve of 2021. “This year, you need to think it over well,” warns Klaus Müller, head of the Federation of German Consumer Protection Organizations.

Due to the development of the situation in Germany, it is impossible to predict when it will be possible to use the voucher due to the strict quarantine. In addition, you should think that the company may close as a result of the crisis. It is also important that events develop in which the event, as a result of measures to combat the pandemic, will not take place. Typically, in this case, the consumer could demand a refund for the purchased tickets. However, now the risk that companies will not be able to do this is too high.

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