German brewers destroy millions of liters of production due to COVID-19

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The restrictions, adopted amid the COVID-19 pandemic, are likely to force German beer producers to destroy millions of liters of beer. This was stated on Monday, February 22, in a statement by the Association of German Brewers (Deutscher Brauer-Bund, DBB), which was signed by 300 breweries. The letter is posted on the website of the organization.

The document says that the brewers were unable to sell the perishable goods. One of the reasons, in particular, they called the closure of public catering establishments by the authorities, and indicated that “the end of the second lockdown, which has been in effect since the beginning of November 2020, is not expected.”

The companies in the sector suffered millions of euros in damage. At the same time, the country’s leadership deprived the brewing industry of support, since breweries are not considered gastronomic outlets and do not receive a sufficient amount of state aid.

“1,500 German breweries were left empty-handed. We are talking mainly about medium and handicraft enterprises that have survived world wars, economic and currency crises – and are now experiencing the end through no fault of their own, ”summed up the DBB.

As reported on Monday by Spiegel, German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that it is necessary to carefully ease the restrictions imposed against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. She stressed that restrictions can be relaxed in the areas of personal contacts, education, culture, catering and sports. However, the public must be careful not to allow new sharp outbreaks of the disease.

On February 10, the German authorities decided to extend the quarantine measures in the country until March 7.

At the same time, hairdressing salons will start working on March 1, provided that all sanitary and hygienic rules are observed. The decision to open schools remains with the leadership of the federal states.

A further weakening of the lockdown will follow only if during the week the number of new infections is consistently below 35 per 100 thousand inhabitants. Then we can talk about opening, in particular, retail outlets, museums and other institutions.

According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the coronavirus pandemic has become the most serious test for Germany in recent years.