George Floyd murder trial: the defense begins its argument with a first witness

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The trial of the murder of African American George Floyd entered a new phase on Tuesday, with the summons of the first defense witness.

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After two weeks devoted to the presentation of the facts by the prosecution, the lawyer for white police officer Derek Chauvin called a retired officer, who had arrested George Floyd a year before the tragedy.

This testimony was only accepted by Judge Peter Cahill “for the limited purpose of showing the effects that the ingestion of opiates may or may not have on the physical well-being of George Floyd”, underlined the magistrate while addressing to the jurors.

On May 6, 2019, Scott Creighton arrested and handcuffed the 40-year-old while he was a passenger in a car. A brief clip from the video recorded by the officer’s pedestrian camera showed George Floyd obviously agitated but finally obeying the police orders and exiting the car without offering any resistance.

“He kept turning to the driver’s seat as I ordered him to show me his hands,” said Scott Creighton.

After his arrest, he was examined by a rescuer, Michelle Moseng, who was then called to the bar.

George Floyd then explained to him that he had taken narcotics shortly before his arrest. Initially reluctant to be taken to the hospital, he finally agreed, she said, when he did not appear to have any health issues. He was hospitalized as a precaution and remained under surveillance for a few hours.