Gasoline prices in Tula turned out to be higher than the national average

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As of April 26, Tula residents cost “fuel” an average of 48 rubles 46 kopecks.

1 liter of AI-92 gasoline costs 45 rubles 01 kopecks, AI-95 – 49 rubles 02 kopecks, AI-98 – 55 rubles 08 kopecks. The average price of diesel fuel was 48 rubles 30 kopecks. Such information is provided by Rosstat.

For comparison, the average price of AI-92 in Russia is 44 rubles 97 kopecks, AI-95 – 48 rubles 56 kopecks, AI-98 – 55 rubles 22 kopecks, DT – 49 rubles 52 kopecks.

Muscovites, on average, pay 49 rubles 08 kopecks per liter of gasoline. For Kaluga residents, the average cost of gasoline is 46 rubles 68 kopecks, in Orel – 48 rubles 24 kopecks, Ryazan – 45 rubles 62 kopecks.

The growth in prices for motor gasoline was noted in 22 centers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Most of all, it rose in price in Salekhard – by 0.6%.

A decrease in prices for motor gasoline was recorded in Tambov – by 0.4% and Novosibirsk – by 0.1%.

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