Gas stations in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk at the same time reduced the price of gasoline

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Several gas stations in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk cut fuel prices last week. These changes were noticed by the local Telegram channel “Worth”.

Thus, the ATTE gas station has reduced the price per liter of AI-92 and AI-95 by 2 rubles. And “Zmachinsky” lowered the cost of AI-92 by 2.5 rubles. However, gasoline with this octane number still remains the most expensive in the city at this gas station. AI-98 and AI-92 were sold at the Sakhlider gas station by 2 rubles cheaper. In the same place, AI-95 fell in price by 3 rubles.

“Karat” this week did not change the price of its fuel, and AI-95, AI-92 and diesel fuel are still the cheapest there. But AI-98 and kerosene, on the contrary, are the most expensive in the city. Moreover, the price per liter of AI-98 from RN-Vostoknefteprodukt, where this type of gasoline is sold the cheapest in the city, differs by 14.1 rubles.

The only gas station that raised the price last week is Atlanta. There the cost of AI-92 increased by 1 ruble.

Photo: Telegram channel “Worth”