Ganus at the Supervisory Board admitted financial violations in RUSADA

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At a meeting of the Supervisory Board, Director General of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) Yuri Ganus admitted violations in spending funds and maintaining accounting records. This was reported to Izvestia by a source in the Supervisory Board.

According to him, the general director agreed that some of the transactions subject to approval by the supervisory board were carried out without his participation, for which they were divided into smaller amounts. At the same time, Ganus proposed to approve them retroactively and accept the work already completed, the source said. The total amount of such transactions, he said, exceeds $ 2 million.

The director also acknowledged the agency’s New Year’s corporate party at the expense of the budget, as well as his own English lessons. At the same time, Ganus said that he “did not learn English, but with the help of a teacher profiled its application.”

The supervisory board of RUSADA at a meeting on Wednesday, August 5, recommended that the founders consider the resignation of Yuri Ganus from the post of general director due to violations in the financial and economic activities of the organization. The supervisory board includes Chairman Alexander Ivlev and Vice President Vladimir Chekhonin, Igor Vasilchenko, Sergey Ryazansky, Sergey Khrychikov, Elena Isinbaeva and Andrey Strokin.

The founders of RUSADA are the Russian Olympic and Paralympic Committees. By their order, in the spring of 2020, RUSADA was audited for 2018-2019, and it was published on July 13. The audit company Finexpertiza revealed violations in the financial and economic activities of the agency, including facts “that carry or may carry potential risks of corruption, conflict of interest, abuse of the law, abuse of the position of the head of RAA“ RUSADA ”.

In particular, the inspectors questioned the validity of spending over 110 million rubles, of which more than 11 million rubles were spent on a taxi, almost 270 thousand rubles for English classes for a manager. In addition, Finexpertiza established the facts of falsification of signatures of counterparties under civil contracts and incomplete reporting on business trips.

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