G1 is expected in Tula: what to fear

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The next forecast of magnetic storms for the first half of May 2021 has been published. The geomagnetic situation, according to experts, will be calm only until May 4. After that, the situation will gradually worsen. The storms will reach their peak, level G1, on the 13th and 14th. Another magnetic storm will disturb the Tula on April 25th. Its strength index will also be equal to G1.

Note that magnetic storms are classified according to only 5 indicators: from G1 to G5. The first level can affect the operation of power systems, navigation systems, industrial networks and cause minor failures in them. In addition, G1 influences the migration routes of birds and animals; on the general condition of meteorological people.

We will remind, today, April 24, in Tula during the day it will be up to 8 degrees Celsius. Rain and fog are possible, which will impair visibility on roads.

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