French doctors announced imminent catastrophe due to coronavirus

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French doctors are sounding the alarm over the coronavirus pandemic. They talk about the lack of hospital beds and call on the authorities to close the borders immediately. This became known from an open letter from doctors published by Le Journal du Dimanche.

The statement of doctors, which was signed by 41 doctors, indicated that the country’s medical system is on the verge of collapse, and doctors will soon have to choose: who to provide assistance and who does not, since there are not enough places for everyone.

“This triage will apply to all patients with COVID-19 and those who are not infected with this virus. We don’t want to choose between myocardial infarction and the COVID-19 patient. But this is reality. We will have to think about comorbidities and the risk that something will go wrong, “- quoted by the media, Dr. Benjamin Davido.

Doctors note that they will provide assistance to the sick until the last, and with their message they want to draw attention to the difficult situation in French hospitals.

Earlier, on March 26, French President Emmanuel Macron, at a press conference following the first day of the virtual EU summit, said that Europe was facing a “new type of world war” because of the actions taken by Russia and China in the supply of vaccines from COVID-19. According to the French leader, Russia and China are trying to “gain influence through the supply of vaccines.”

The Kremlin did not agree with the statements of the French president about allegedly waging a “vaccine war” by Russia and China. The Federation Council noted that Macron’s statements can be called a manifestation of unfair competition.

Bruce Aylward, senior adviser to the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), also disagreed with Macron’s opinion, noting that the world is fighting against the coronavirus, not against people.