Fraternal Order of Police VP blasts Joy Behar’s comments about policing: ‘not grounded in any facts’

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Fraternal Order of Police National Vice President Joe Gamaldi joined “America Reports” Friday and slammed Joy Behar for her inaccurate comments on police tactics and protocols in the Columbus, Ohio police shooting. Gamaldi also argued that Democrats and high-profile public figures are refusing to accept that a police officer may have been right about their actions.

GAMALDI: I’d like to thank Joy Behar for weighing in with her years of police experience. And this is the problem. People don’t do any research before they put out a message to a platform of millions.

Why don’t we have a discussion about warning shots, Joy? They’re prohibited in every single police agency and, oh yeah, a simple law of physics: what goes up must come down. So those bullets are going to come down somewhere. And this other idea of shooting someone in the leg, first of all, someone had the femoral artery in their leg. Not only that, we shoot center mass because that is the largest target. If that officer misses and hits the girl next door and the one who is the actual victim in all of this, how is that going to play out?

And I see this happen every single time there’s a shooting. Why didn’t the officer karate chop the knife out of their hand or roundhouse kick? It is completely ridiculous. It’s not grounded in any facts or any training the law enforcement does. But once again, they put this out to millions of people with no factual basis whatsoever…


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