Frankfurt “ISTOK” invites you to take part in the video concert “New Year Confetti”

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“New Year is rushing to us …”

Traditionally, from year to year, the “Russian cultural, educational and social center ISTOK” filmed the largest city Palace and prepared four large performances – different for preschool children and schoolchildren, as well as mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, inviting numerous guests from different cities in Germany.

Rehearsals have been going on since September. Both theater halls were noisy until late in the evening … The preparation process included directors, teachers, animators, music directors, a large number of parental activists.

This year, due to the difficult epidemiological situation in Germany, the ban on holding mass and public events, the need to comply with all restrictive measures, norms and rules introduced in the country and in our city, we could not be in the Palace.

But Santa Claus and Snegurochka, fairy-tale characters – Fox, Snow Queen, Baba Yaga, Snowmen, Bear and Blizzard, along with New Year’s gifts, came to us, right to the Russian school, to every child, from the smallest to the most adults! Thanks to the common efforts – the team, the parent committee and the parent community, the mood was festive, and the lessons were more joyful than ever.

With observance of all the rules, everyone felt the Festive Mood!

There is never too much love. She either is, or she is not …

Love each other, our children! And give them joy under any circumstances!

Larisa Yurchenko,

Director of the Istok Center.

New Year is rushing to us !!!

Dear partners, colleagues, friends!

We invite you to take part in the Istokovsky video-concert “New Year Confetti”!

Write down any number (with a little introduction), which will delight the audience: a poem, a dance, a song, a trick, a number with a pet, a music video collage, you can solo or with the whole family and upload the ISTOK platform to the video.

The numbers can already be prepared and recorded! Upload your congratulations to the ISTOK video platform using the link:

Follow this link, you do not need to register, click on “Send congratulations” and you get to the page where you can download the congratulations. Please indicate the name and surname of the performer, and the name of the performed number. Please send the numbers by December 29.

All your video numbers will be displayed on the Istoka website and on our Istokovskaya FB page.

Let’s decorate the outgoing year 2020 with smiles, joy, fun and New Year and Christmas mood!

Board of the Center “ISTOK”

Frankfurt am Main: Take part in the ISTOK video-concert “New Year Confetti”

Frankfurt am Main: Take part in the ISTOK video-concert

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