France: Catholic bishops decide to pay a “financial contribution” for victims of child crime

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PARIS | The French Catholic bishops on Friday expressed the will of the Church to “assume its responsibility before society by asking forgiveness” for the crimes of child criminality committed by its members and agreed to pay the victims a “financial contribution. ”The amount of which will be“ lump sum ”.

This contribution will be financed by an “ad hoc endowment fund” and determined by “an independent assistance body” which will be responsible for “examining the requests and deciding the allocations within the limits of the capacities of a fund”, specified the Conference of Bishops of France.

This contribution “is not compensation or reparation”, declared Mgr Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, president of the CEF, during a press conference closing the plenary assembly of some 120 bishops who voted eleven resolutions. , including several in favor of the fight against child crime.

They also accepted the principle of a “day of prayer” each year in memory of the victims, desired by the Vatican, which would take place on the “third Friday of Lent” and continue their work “in order to establish, if possible in Lourdes (south-west) (…), the installation of a place of remembrance ”.

The bishops also decided to set up a “national team of listeners” or even the creation of a “national interdiocesan canonical criminal court (for the law of the Church)”.