Former captain of the Russian national team Roman Shirokov severely beat the judge

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Three-time Russian champion and two-time Super Cup winner, former captain of the Russian national team, player of Zenit, Spartak, CSKA 39-year-old Roman Shirokov severely beat a judge during a match of amateur teams.

According to Sport-Express, judge Nikita Danchenkov was injured, his left eyebrow and the skin under his left eye were cut.

– I’m not ready to comment now, let’s go later. Everything is fine with health, I will live, – Danchenkov said.

The organizer of the tournament among amateur teams, Herman Popkov, said in an interview with the Championship portal that this is an unacceptable, disgusting and terrible case.

“Very strange behavior. A lot of people saw it live, and all of this from a million angles,” he said, adding that the episode was also ordinary.

“As an organizer, I would like the matter to reach the police. This is unacceptable,” Popkov said.

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