Former Acting ICE Director: Biden ‘insulted’ Border Patrol agents during press conference

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Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan criticized the Biden administration’s immigration policies on “Fox Report,” saying the President ‘insulted’ every Border Patrol agent during his press conference Thursday. 

TOM HOMAN: I sept almost 35 years enforcing immigration law, first as a border patrol agent, then as a special agent investigating smuggling, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and I climbed the ladder to be the first…director [of ICE] that came up through the ranks. So, I spent 35 years enforcing the law. This administration has clearly shown they’re not going to enforce the law. They’re anti-enforcement. And they’ve shown it a couple ways. Number one, they decapitated ICE. 90% of the criminals they arrested last year they can’t arrest this year, so they totally decapitated ICE authority. And the Border Patrol stations are no longer border patrol stations, they’re welcoming centers. So this Administration has clearly shown they have no interests in enforcing the laws of this country.

 [Biden] made a statement…that the men and women who serve in the Border Patrol watched children die from starvation on the river. Let me make something clear, the Commander in Chief insulted every man and woman that wears that uniform, puts their lives on the line, defends our nation while the rest of us are sleeping, they saved over 4,000 lives. When they’re Commander in Chief makes a comment like that – I don’t even know where he got that from – when you make a comment that Border Patrol agents watch children die of starvation and failed to take action, or the Secretary is saying the Trump administration returned children to the desert..both an insult to the men and women serving this nation.


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