Forecasters warned of a strong solar storm approaching Earth

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A powerful solar storm is approaching the Earth, the speed of which will be more than 500 km / s. This was reported on May 1 by the British edition of the Daily Express, citing scientists and weather forecasters.

According to the researchers, a hole has appeared in the equatorial region of the solar atmosphere, from where particles fly at high speed.

Forecasters suggest that the storm will hit the planet on May 2.

They warned that the storm could lead to “weak fluctuations in power grids” and could have “minor impact on the operation of satellites.”

Earlier, on April 26, it was reported that Chinese scientists had discovered an unknown species of coronal rain on the Sun.

The uniqueness of the phenomenon lies in the fact that scientists have not recorded flares on the Sun that precede the occurrence of rain.

April 23 Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun, Physics Institute. P.N. Lebedev of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) reported an increase in the star’s flare activity to an orange level.