Forecasters told about the weather in Moscow and the Moscow region on August 13

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Moscow and the Moscow region on Thursday, August 13, expect cloudy weather and light rain with a gusty wind. This was reported on the website of the Hydrometeorological Center.

During the day in the capital region the air temperature will be + 18 degrees Celsius, and at night in Moscow it will get colder up to 8 degrees, in the region – up to 5 degrees.

There will be light rain, moderate in places.

Gusts of north and north-west winds can reach 15 m / s. In Moscow and the Moscow region, a yellow hazard level has been declared, which will remain until 21:00 Moscow time on Thursday.

The atmospheric pressure in the region will be 747 mm Hg.

On Wednesday, the weather center “Phobos” announced the beginning of the “dress rehearsal of autumn” in the European part of Russia. According to forecasters, a cold snap is going on in Russia, which was provoked by a cyclone over the Arctic seas.

Earlier on August 12, the Hydrometeorological Center predicted a dry August for the Russians and warming next week.

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