For compatriots of Germany: “Leaders of Russia” open up another opportunity

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The acceptance of applications for participation in the international track of the Leaders of Russia competition has started. Registration began on Wednesday April 14th and will continue until April 26th.

Contestants must be no older than 55 years old, have at least two years of management experience, and know Russian at a level sufficient to complete the tests. They will also need to prove their foreign citizenship.

Participants of the international track will undergo both general testing for knowledge of Russia and perform tasks in their direction. They will test their knowledge of geography, history, culture, economics and law.

The first qualifying round will last until June 11. In the face-to-face format, the contestants will start competing in August.

The Leaders of Russia competition is the flagship project of the Russia – Land of Opportunities platform launched in 2017 by President Vladimir Putin. The project is an attempt to create social lifts for talented and active Russians. The competition has no restrictions on place of residence and citizenship. The main condition is that everyone who wants to fight for victory must have a high level of command of Russian.

According to the First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergei Kiriyenko, the winners of the international direction will be able to obtain Russian citizenship in a facilitated manner. And all finalists will receive a permanent residence permit and the right to work in Russia. He assured that this does not cancel the rest of the awards. Sergey Kiriyenko noted that thanks to this track, “the best of the best” will be able to come to Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who greeted the participants of the international track, expressed confidence that they would contribute to strengthening friendship, trust and mutual understanding between peoples. He recalled that every year among the participants of the competition there are citizens of several dozen states. And this proves the relevance of the competition, the minister added.

The Minister stressed that the competition is an excellent opportunity to prove themselves, including to Russian compatriots living abroad, it is open to initiative people from anywhere in the world.

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The award for the track winners is the opportunity to obtain Russian citizenship, for the track finalists – the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the Russian Federation (subject to compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation).

Track winners go to the super final of the competition and receive an educational grant of 1 million rubles.

Registration link – leaders of russia.rf / international2021

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