For a week, the Tula State traffic inspectorate stopped 26 600 traffic violations

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According to the propaganda group of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Tula region, in the course of the supervision activities of the State Traffic Inspectorate employees from April 12 to 18, 26,600 violations of the traffic rules were stopped in the region.

Most of them account for offenses, which are recorded by road video and cameras. This is speeding and entering the oncoming lane.

138 drivers were prosecuted for violating the requirements for the carriage of children, 63 drivers did not cede the right to move to pedestrians.

15 motorists got behind the wheel without having a driving license.

191 drivers drove cars with too dark, tinted windows, and 92 people got behind the wheel drunk. 222 vehicles were taken by the State Traffic Inspectorate to the impound.

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