Football in Crimea: “Sevastopol” does not lose, but flies out of the Cup

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In the second semi-final match of the KFS Cup -2021 FC “Sevastopol” after an away draw (1: 1) hosted FC “Evpatoria”.

The guests started the game very actively and opened the scoring in the 15th minute after the effective attack, which was completed by Yaroslav Yudin. But the Sevastopol players not only bounced back without any problems, but also came out ahead after the goals

heads of Artur Aimetdinov (21 min.) and Zakhar Tarasenko (24 min.). And it is likely that the Sevastopol residents considered the job done – mentally they saw themselves already in the final. But Alexei Grachev’s charges did not agree with this situation. “Evpatoria” managed to equalize the score before the break – in stoppage time Vladimir Pshenichnikov scored (45 + 1 min.), And in the second half, and even came out ahead, thanks to the goal of Dlyaver Nuridinov (62 min.). For overall success in the semifinals, Sevastopol already had to score two goals – a draw did not suit them. “Sevastopol” went to storm the gate of Valentin Manyakin, but he managed to score only one goal – Maxim Suprun was accurate (70 min.). As a result, an effective draw 3: 3, which brings Evpatoria to the final due to the greater number of goals scored in a foreign field.