Florida Governor Ron DeSantis discusses legislation to strengthen police protection and prevent riots

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis discussed law and order legislation he will “sign very soon” to prevent riots and strengthen police protections in Florida

RON DESANTIS: Over the summer, we were one of the states that said ‘we’re not having riots in the state of Florida,’ so we put our foot down, we protected our folks. The bill I’m going to sign very soon is the strongest set of reforms in the country to even strengthen our hand more. For example, if a local government tries to defund the police, we at the state can stop that. We’re able to put people in jail if they riot or assault a police officer. And, in fact, you assault a police officer during a riot, you have a mandatory jail sentence of at least six months. We also have provisions to prevent mob intimidation tactics. I think it’s probably the most comprehensive piece of law and order legislation I’ve seen.

If you are rioting and you get arrested, you go to the jail and you stay in jail until you have your first appearance, and then obviously the judge can determine whether you get a bond or not. But we’re not just going to have someone go into the police station, take a mug shot, and then go right back on the street to offend again.


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