Five main myths about a healthy lifestyle dispelled

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The healthy lifestyle has become an entire industry in recent years. Undoubtedly, following his postulates can bring a lot of benefits, however, like any popularized idea, a healthy lifestyle is overgrown with myths. We will tell you about the five most common misconceptions in our material.

Can’t eat after six in the evening

If you are a morning person, then it really makes sense to consider such a diet, but in the modern world, people rarely go to bed at 21.00. In this regard, the last meal may be several hours later. Better to have dinner – 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Coffee is harmful

Many believe that only green tea can be beneficial, while research confirms that there are no less antioxidants in ground coffee. And if you follow the norm of 300 milliliters, then it will also invigorate.

Fruits make you fat

Previously, many were afraid to include fruits in the diet because of their high calorie content, so as not to harm the figure. Indeed, there are about the same calories in a kilogram of grapes as in a stick of doctor’s sausage. Avocados and bananas have even more. However, hardly anyone will eat such a volume of fruit at a time. You should not exclude them from the diet, just do not forget to follow the KBZhU.

Drink at least three liters of water a day

Such a volume of fluid per day for someone can become a shock dose, this threatens the leaching of salts and various minerals from the body, as well as problems of the cardiovascular system. First of all, listen to your feelings, your body will tell you how much water you need per day.

Only unprocessed vegetables are healthy

Heat treatment destroys some vitamins and minerals, but even in cooked vegetables there are enough of them for a person’s daily requirement. Freezing, by the way, has much less effect on their composition. However, when preparing them, vitamins become very small, try to find a middle ground.