Five main facilities that high schools provide to their students

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Each high school student has a set of objectives that they wish to achieve upon completing the learning. Some define it as acquiring 90+ percentage marks, planning for higher education, and for some, it is preparing for entrance exams.


Students can achieve these objectives if the school equips them with the right facilities. This post aims to look at the main facilities that a high school provides to its students.


Let’s begin.


Science & technology

The best high schools aim to deliver effective science & technology learning to their students. Depending on the curriculum, science & technology serve as a core component of the pedagogy. For instance, the CBSE curriculum helps the teachers adopt this approach seamlessly.


Moreover, the school is equipped with labs such as Information and Communication Technology, Robotics Lab, STEM Labs, and more. The idea of such labs is to enable students to acquire a conceptual understanding of abstract subjects or topics. It also enhances the interests of the learners in the STEM subjects for higher studies. Finally, teachers are well-versed in delivering technical learning and helping students acquire essential 21st-century skills.


Outside-classroom programmes

Quality high schools understand the importance of outside-classroom programmes. But it is not limited to extra and co-curricular activities even though they are essential for developing social skills, confidence, physical well being, and more.


The outside-classroom programmes for high schoolers account for different learning facets such as field trips, talks with experts, group discussions, guest speakers, etc. For instance, it can include inviting a computer scientist or an entrepreneur for a guest lecture.


The objective of using these programmes is to inculcate experiential learning. It helps the learners look at real-life examples of the abstract knowledge they acquired in the classroom. This programme also bolsters the motivation of learners and plays a vital role in enhancing interests in learning.


Tech-infused classrooms

The main facility delivered by the best international schools in Pune is the usage of technology in the classroom. The tech-infused classrooms help shape competent 21st-century learners. They gain essential knowledge about online research skills, digital literacy, emotional intelligence, and more. All these skills are ideal for leading a successful life in academics.


Moreover, schools enable the usage of technology in classrooms by utilising a blended learning approach. It incorporates elements of traditional learning methods and e-learning modules. The modules can be using a smart blackboard, online lecture notes, or online communication.


Helping assess the learners’ interests

CBSE curriculum encourages high schoolers to pick up a group/stream as per their requirements and interests. That is why it makes sense to go with a high school that uses the CBSE as a pedagogical framework for high school learning. This makes the learning platform an ideal playground for students to pursue their interests in a subject and learn in general.

To help the learners assess and pursue these interests, schools utilise different pedagogical approaches, laboratory work, co-curricular groups, etc. Furthermore, it allows learners to work on these objectives and interests to understand the subject matter better. The idea behind this is to enable the learners to pick up these subjects for university-level education.

Enhanced parents engagement

At such a crucial stage of school-level education, parent-teacher engagement is incredibly essential for the learners’ development. But, there have been instances when the learners get into high school, parent engagement dramatically declines.

That is where quality high schools stand out. They communicate with the parents and convey the students’ progress charts, interests, weaknesses, strong areas, etc. Engagement is given so much importance because it ensures that all the parties are on the same page.

Hence, with teachers, learners, and parents’ collective effort, you can make sure that the students achieve their objectives from a high school.

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