Finnish newspaper spoke about Pushkin’s death from tuberculosis

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The major Finnish newspaper “Iltalehti” told about the death of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin from tuberculosis, which caused bewilderment among the readers.

Posted by Helja Salonen on October 17th. In it, the journalist talked about the dangers of death from tuberculosis and the current coronavirus pandemic.

To show readers the extent of the spread of tuberculosis, Salonen has listed famous people who have died of this disease. The list includes well-known Finnish writers, among whom is a native of Russia Edith Södergran, notes “Fontanka”, as well as Emily Bronte, Franz Kafka, George Orwell, Alexander Pushkin and Anton Chekhov.

“These are those who died with a reasonable degree of confidence from tuberculosis,” the article states.

It is noteworthy that according to the latest research, Chekhov died from a blockage of blood vessels and a cerebral hemorrhage, and not from tuberculosis, which he really suffered from. But the Finns were more struck by the statement about the death of Pushkin.

“I hear for the first time that Alexander Pushkin died of tuberculosis. Wasn’t that a bullet in a duel with Dantes in 1837 hit in the abdomen? ” – they noted in the comments under the article.

According to one of the readers, he wrote about the mistake to the author of the material, but she assured that “there are many versions of the death of celebrities, so an alternative opinion is permissible.”

In March, the Ukrainian writer urged the citizens of her country to refuse to read the work of Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov, as they are “the tentacles of the Russian world.”

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