Finding the Qualified Truck Accident Attorney

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Have you been injured in a truck accident? Does your insurance company want to give you the money? We have been successful in receiving fair and just compensation for our clients. We represent our clients before the courts and in the insurance companies. “Zehl & Associates are an unmatched legal firm that represents families and individuals who have been seriously injured or killed in truck accidents, train accidents, workplace accidents, and oil and manufacturing accidents. Zehl & Associates have a proud and strong track record of winning cases that achieve favorable results for its clients. We are ready to work with you to receive just compensation for your injuries and losses.”  Zehl & Associates were one of the first truck accident lawyers in Houston. We have a strong record of achieving excellent results for our clients in the courts here in Houston. If you need a truck accident attorney in Houston, we can help! Contact us today for an appointment.

Winning settlements

Zehl & Associates was one of the first truck accident attorneys in Houston to specialize in recovering the largest truck and 18 wheeler accident settlements in the state of Texas. This firm was also one of the very first to specialize in traumatic brain injury cases. We have a long history of winning settlements for truck accident victims across Texas.

Track record of your truck accident attorneys

Now let me bring up another important point: the track record of your truck accident attorneys. You will need to find one with a stellar track record and a large caseload. You will also need to ensure that the lawyer has the right experience and has won significant cases.

Kinds of settlements

Getting the right lawyer is very important if you wish to get the proper settlement. You have two main options to choose from: compensation for your medical expenses and punitive damages. If the truck accident attorneys offer both kinds of settlements, it is best to choose one. The court awards compensatory damages for minor injuries. Punitive damages are awarded for car accidents that cause permanent disability or even death.

Find qualified truck accident lawyers

You can check out your local Yellow Pages or conduct an internet search to find qualified truck accident lawyers. Once you locate a few lawyers, talk with them to determine if they have ever had your type of case and win it. You should ask what their success rate was like in their particular area and ask to talk to former clients to find out how satisfied they are with the services provided by your law firm.