Finding the Perfect Bedding

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Finding the right type of bedding is essential for a good night’s sleep. Whether you use a comforter, blanket or quilt, it all depends on a person’s preference.

If the city you live in isn’t exactly the coldest, then you might opt to choose a quilt over a comforter. Many people prefer quilts over comforters and blankets mainly because of its creative design. With winter quilts being especially popular during the season.

But what are quilts and how are they different from blankets and comforters?

What’s a Quilt?

Traditionally, a quilt consists of three layers with each layer made up of thin and breathable fabric. They are usually made up of cotton or cotton blends which makes them lightweight. Since it is made with thin layers of fabric, it is a great lightweight alternative for those who hate carrying extra layers or those who prefer having their bed look tidy and sleek over a bed that looks disheveled and fluffy.

Since a quilt is made up of three layers, it also helps create various designs. Traditional quilt designs consist of log cabins, wedding rings, patchwork and even flying geese. Quilt color combinations also come in varieties—They can be very bright, or have subtle mix or even a colored design on a solid or white background.

Presently, quilts are made with sewing machines and not by hand unlike traditional ones. Patterns are also often dyed onto the fabric instead of piecing together fabric scraps.

Quilts are perfect for any country, coastal, rustic or any casual decorating style.

Quilts, Blankets and Comforters: What’s the Difference

Blankets. Blankets are single and large rectangular covers that help keep a person warm while they are resting or sleeping. It is commonly made up of wool, making the blanket warmer and thicker than a quilt. Unlike quilts, which have multiple layers, blankets one have a single woven layer.

Comforters. Comforters are thick bed coverings that are usually filled with feathers, down or synthetic fibers such as polyester. Comforters are usually sewed or quilted together on all sides to help fillings keep in place. The main difference is that quilts require some patchwork, with central paddings stitched with various patterns of stitching designs, on the other hand, comforters do not require patchwork and are only quilted on the sides.

Quilts are perfect for:

  • People who sleep really hot. If you’re someone who sleeps hot and prefers something breezy and light, and needs only a little bit of insulation. Since quilts are thinner than blankets and comforters, quilts won’t let the sleeper experience too much heat while sleeping.

  • People who love decorating. Quilts come in different designs for each season and can add a different look for any room—From country quilts to traditional winter quilts. Quilts can provide a rustic or casual look or even a colorful vibe for any room.

  • People who love layers. Since quilts are very thin, it most likely needs to be partnered with another quilt or type of bedding. If you’re someone who prefers to sleep with a number of pieces of bedding then quilts are perfect for you.

Quilts have continued to expand into the modern world and have developed various designs that fit the current public’s taste. However, ultimately, what works best with you is a bedding which fits your needs perfectly.