Find The Top 10 Lawyers in Pakistan for Legal Issues

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Top 10 Lawyers in Pakistan for Legal Issues:

If you are looking for top ten lawyers in Pakistan or FIA lawyer in Lahore for legal issues you may contact Jamila Law Associates as they have all the top ten lawyers in Pakistan. Our Lawyer in Lahore & Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan is best and available every time to deal the case in court. The Fee of Our Lawyers in Lahore & Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan is affordable and reasonable. Bail Once the accused has been arrested and charged, the question arises of whether he is to be released or held in custody. In legal terminology: he is either remanded on bail or remanded in custody. If the prosecution were started by summons, the problem would not arise, for it will not have taken him into custody; instead, he will have been told when he is to appear in court through top ten lawyers in Pakistan or FIA lawyer in Lahore.


If the arrest was by the warrant, the magistrate who issued it may have written on the back that the accused should have bail; if the contract is “backed for bail’ in this way, the police have no choice but to release the accused after charging him. If it is not backed for bail, then the police cannot remove the accused on bail.


Otherwise, it is for the police to take the initial decision whether to remand the accused in custody. Bail is granted entirely at their discretion, and it is then called police bail. But if police bail is refused, the prisoner must be brought before a magistrate within twenty-four hours (forty-eight hours at weekends and public holidays) and given a chance of asking the magistrate for bail. So when an accused person is arrested and charged, the power to hold him in custody is initially with the police.

FIA Lawyer in Lahore:

Special rules apply to children and young people: children under fourteen must be granted police bail through top ten lawyers in Pakistan or FIA lawyer in Lahore unless charged with murder or manslaughter; a young person between fourteen and seventeen must be granted police bail unless a senior police officer believes that the young person should be detained in their interest, or the young person would it would defeat the ends of justice to grant bail, or the young person has committed murder, manslaughter, or some other ‘serious offense.’  Not turn up in court if released or being detained in custody. There are detailed rules on how long a suspect can be held in custody.

magistrate for bail:

Asking the magistrate for bail to refuse a man bail is to keep him in control for an offense that he may not have committed. Apart from the social stigma of being held in custody, the accused may well suffer through losing his job, in which case his family may be forced to live on supplementary benefits through top ten lawyers in Pakistan or FIA lawyer in Lahore. Accordingly, the basic principle is that no one should be refused bail un- necessarily. Apart from the libertarian reasons for this, there are also practical (and financial) reasons for not putting remand prisoners into overcrowded prisons. The aim is to keep the  Number of persons remanded in custody to the minimum compatible with the interests of justice. The Bail Act 1976 sets out the rules.