Filmed at sea in a white bra Buzova left the fans speechless

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Singer Olga Buzova reminded her subscribers that today is the last day of summer. She appeared at sunset against the background of the sea in a beige summer hat and a white bra with braided straps, showing a light tan and perfect velvet skin. It seems that even the well-known and not so regulars of the singer’s page on Instagram, were speechless.

“The last weekend of the summer is over, wow!” The artist shared the news, adding that she devoted all Sunday to herself, completely disconnected, without even picking up the telephone receiver.

“Half measures do not work here – and you will not rest, and you will not work,” – explained Buzova, adding that she did not come to this right away and at first was afraid to put off the phone for a long time.

“But now I have learned to rest in order to be with new strength and create for you,” the artist noted, adding that she had prepared many surprises for her fans for September.

Subscribers began to vigorously discuss the tropical image of Buzova: “Olga, bomb!”; “How beautiful”; “I love your swimwear.”

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