Festival of the resort ruble is organized in Zheleznovodsk

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The third anniversary of the beginning of the experiment on resort collection in Kavminvody in Russia will be celebrated with a festival. The authorities of the resort Zheleznovodsk announced that the festival of the resort ruble “# Thank you” will now be held annually.

As part of the festival in Zheleznovodsk, in addition to a festive concert and entertainment program with treats and competitions, drinking pump rooms and fountains will be solemnly put into operation.

In the contests, they promise to play “resort rubles” – “currency”, which is allowed to be spent in restaurants, cafes or exchanged for souvenirs.

The mayor of Zheleznovodsk, Yevgeny Moiseev, said that over the three years of the experiment, the resort town spent over one hundred million rubles of resort tax on its infrastructure. “This is a very good financial support from the local budget, which made it possible to repair and maintain those objects of the resort infrastructure that had not been repaired for many decades,” the mayor pointed out.