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Khula Procedure in Pakistan:

The Khula procedure in Pakistan is a divorce method in the Islamic law for dissolution of marriage. This article discusses about the Khula Pakistani Law & Khula Pakistan Family Law for Wife. And Also Discuss The Procedure of Khula in Pakistan & Khula Process in Pakistan. All Guide Available On How to Get Khula in Pakistan. Then Why You take the Tension About your Khula in Pakistan Case.

Islamic Law of Pakistan:

In Islamic Law of Pakistan, khula is the method by which a woman can obtain a divorce from her husband in Pakistan. Khula is an Arabic word meaning “to give something back” or “to return”.

Divorce According to Islamic Law:

Khula is a legal separation or divorce according to the Islamic law. Under Islamic laws, a husband can ask for a divorce by following certain steps which are called “Khula”. In the case of Khula, both husband and wife are mutually interested in terminating the marriage. Khula is a divorce that can be granted by mutual agreement of both spouses.

How to Get the Khula in Pakistan:

To get the khula in Pakistan, you must be having a valid reason. The khula procedure is explained under the Pakistani Law which concerns due to irrevocable reasons.

Kind of Khula:

Khula is the dissolution of a Muslim marriage. The two major kinds of Khula in Pakistan are: Instant khula and Mutual consent khula. This platform is the first of its kind which provides free and easy access to every person who wants to file khula under Islamic law in Pakistan. It is a complete guide for everyone to get information about khula procedure in Pakistan.

Complete Range of Services:

Our Law Firm is providing a complete range of services in the field of khula and divorce. If you want to get the khula from your wife or husband, then you need to contact us. We provide the complete information about the Pakistani law of khula so that clients can easily understand our services and can contact us whenever they need any advice regarding their case.


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Platform for Legal Matters:

Familycaselawyer is a platform that brings together experts in the field of Khula and is designed to make it easy for you to get expert opinion on your Khula issue.

Muslim Family Law:

Khula is the right given to women under the Muslim family law to divorce her husband in an amicable way, without going to court. The word literally means “to give something back” (as in property or rights). A woman has the right to seek khula only in cases where she has been subjected to cruelty by her husband or his relatives. Khula is a petition to dissolve a marriage without the husband’s consent. Khula is an Arabic word meaning “separation”, and it is one of the ways of dissolving a Muslim marriage under Islamic law, according to sharia.

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Lawyer in Pakistan:

I am actually a lawyer in Pakistan and my name is {ADV Nazia Ali}. I know the law of khula (divorce) in Pakistan. In this article, you would find the complete procedure and information on khula. Our website is the best resource of all things related to khula. Whether you are a woman or man, who wants to get divorce from their spouse, you can use our services for assistance and guidance. Our Pakistani Khula Lawyers will help you with the process of khula after which you’ll be able to easily move on with your life.