Feast of ears and tails: an international cat show was held in Petrozavodsk

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For two days, on May 2 and 3, residents of Petrozavodsk and guests of the Karelian capital could enjoy incredible, fluffy and smooth-haired cats, cats whose pedigree, quite possibly, would be the envy of the most famous dynasties.

True, the character of many of the exhibitors is truly regal. Although for cats the phrase “royal habits” is more applicable. However, no manners will prevent the owners of exotic cats from loving these thoroughbred beauties from the mustache to the tip of the tail.

Mei-Coons, Bengals, Scottish Folds, Sphynxes – the exhibitors were beautiful, proud and graceful. It is no coincidence that several dozen people gathered to admire them.

Love at first sight: a cat show was held in the capital of Karelia

  Love at first sight: a cat show was held in the capital of Karelia

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In general, in the life of every person who adores memes with the words “Natasha, we dropped everything,” there comes a moment when you want to get a cat, whose family tree rests on the top of the stars. The good thing about such exhibitions is that the invited experts not only evaluate the participants and allow their owners to receive “quality certificates” for animals, but also tell the guests of the exhibition about the peculiarities of a particular breed. After all, an exotic cat is a pet that requires complex and often expensive care. Those who firmly decided to follow this thorny path could buy themselves a thoroughbred kitten right at the exhibition.

Exotic cats from the international show conquered the inhabitants of Petrozavodsk

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But even with cats that cannot boast of an exotic breed, you will not get bored. Night tygydyki, rustling of a package, the occupation of a bed – all this and much more is now waiting for those who were not afraid to choose one of the little inhabitants of the First Petrozavodsk public shelter at the exhibition. By the way, if you dream of a pet, then a public shelter will help you find your fluffy happiness!