Father planned to kidnap and rape his nine-year-old daughter

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A 40-year-old detainee was sentenced to 20 years in prison in France for planning the kidnapping and rape of his own 9-year-old girl, from the prison where he was being held for rape, the Saintes (west) prosecutor’s office said Thursday. .

This same sentence was required in the criminal court against the accused, who was tried Wednesday behind closed doors for criminal conspiracy for a criminal act, attempted kidnapping of a minor under 15, detention and dissemination of child pornography images.

His 44-year-old co-convict was sentenced to ten years in prison, in accordance with requisitions. He had been in contact with the detainee via a darkweb child pornography social network, and had been arrested in Bordeaux (south-west), in November 2018, while he was traveling to Charente-Maritime to put the plan into action.

At the origin of the case, according to a source close to the file, a specialized agent of the judicial police of Lyon (south-east) had carried out a “cyber patrol” by infiltrating the darkweb, and had come across the project of the inmate, who was serving a sentence for rape of minors committed against members of his family – but not his daughter.

Arrested, his accomplice was carrying equipment to subject the child to acts of torture and barbarism. The man had previously been convicted of possessing child pornography images.

“The maximum penalties have been imposed. It is a rare decision in correctional, declared Thursday to AFP the lawyer of the child, Me Vanessa Chaleix. The prosecutor of Saintes, Nicolas Septe, specified that the personalities of the defendants were “described as very worrying by the experts”.

The two men were also jointly ordered to pay 15,000 euros in damages to the girl, and 10,000 euros to her mother, with whom she lives, said the lawyer.