Father of two children who beat up pediatrician were sent under house arrest

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The Nevsky District Court of St. Petersburg sent under house arrest 30-year-old July Borisov, who organized a military medical conflict in the children’s polyclinic No. 33 on Rusanovskaya Street. After the “vaccination” militant, witnessed by parents with children, the young pediatrician was hospitalized in the Mariinsky hospital, and the young father became a defendant in the criminal case.

“Borisov is forbidden to leave the house, except for walking for 2 hours, communicate with persons who have information on the case, send and receive postal and telegraph messages, use mobile communications and the Internet. Borisov objected, asked for a ban on certain actions “, – said the United Press Service of the Courts of St. Petersburg.

The father of two children will be under house arrest until June 28, 2021. How long the treatment of the pediatrician injured by his hands will last is unknown. Doctors at the Mariinsky Hospital diagnosed him with a concussion, closed craniocerebral trauma, hematomas and bruises in the head and torso. Doctors released a colleague for outpatient treatment.

Recall that the conflict between the doctor and the father of two children occurred due to the refusal of the pediatrician to vaccinate his child. On the day of a healthy child, April 29, a young woman with an eight-month-old daughter came to an appointment with a 25-year-old pediatrician Artem Branchenko and asked her to be vaccinated with Pentaxim. It is a combination vaccine for the prevention of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and hemophilus influenzae. However, the woman did not have either the vaccination certificate or the medical card with her. Moreover, during the conversation, it turned out that the baby had not been given either Mantoux test, BCG, or hepatitis B vaccine. When the pediatrician suggested that she go to an immunologist to draw up an individual vaccination plan, the young mother said that she had many doctors in her family. therefore, she knows better than the pediatrician what her child needs. The woman slammed the door and left, promising to complain to everyone she could.

The pediatrician continued to receive patients. The regularity of the working day was disrupted by a young man who burst into the office. As it turned out, the father of a child whom the doctor refused to vaccinate with “Pentaxim”. The head of the pediatric department followed. The man shouted that he was an officer, passed hot spots. The pediatrician decided to show the angry father the vaccination documents and got up from the table. The adrenaline-pumped former soldier perceived the move as a threat. And he began a “counterattack”. According to Artyom Branchenko (quoted by Fontanka), the man first grabbed him by the neck, then hit him on the head with his fists, then his head against the window frame and cabinet. And when the pediatrician fell, the furious father began to beat him with his hands and feet. Artem shouted that he had relatives, lawyers, who would stand up for him. After that, the young father retired.

A criminal case was opened against Ilya Borisov under the article “Hooliganism”. He has already been charged. The investigation of the criminal case continues.