Fashion nails – Coolest nail trends to try in summer 2024!

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By Hayley

Fashion nails are trendy nail art that girls love to do. From a high school girl to a housewife, every woman adores modern nail art as they pop up the overall look and make you feel more confident. The best season of the year for having fun with vibrant nails in summer. The perfect summer nails are lively, charming, and simple, so you can enjoy your trip or weekend at the beach rather than worrying about keeping your manicure. 

You can play with various fashionable forms, distinctive textures, interesting varnishes, and adorable nail art, regardless of whether you prefer delicate pastels or vibrant neon hues. Looking for styles and ideas for your next salon appointment? Check out the top summer nail designs for women. Try out these hot ideas to make your summer manicure shine with color!

Fashion nails colors for the summer season 

Nails are a fun accessory, and one of the simplest ways to embrace the moment is to keep them buffed, filed, and polished with a current summer tint. We spoke with nail technicians who have their expertly painted fingers on the pulse of the most popular summer manicure colors of 2024 to help you select which summer nail color to try next. May all of your forthcoming rosé-tasting photos be flawless.

Use summer fashion nails colors to express your creativity and bring out your inner light. Your decisions can be stylish, vibrant, and daring all at once. 

  • White, pink, blue, red, yellow, green, gold, purple, orange, and lovely tints are all ideal summertime hues. 
  • Girls can even produce a rainbow appearance by using multiple nail polish colors. 
  • Moreover, try out different light, neon, and pastel options to alter the vibrancy and brightness. 
  • Choose a matte finish in a solid peach color to add a little sunshine to your look. 
  • Aside from that, excellent color choices include hot pink, purple with glitter, mandarin orange, beige, sky blue, moon white, coral, periwinkle, peachy pink, neon green, bronze, and apple red.

With this fashionable manicure statement, you’ll stick out more the more diversified your color choice is.

Fashion nails shape ideas according to your preference 

Round nails 

Round nails are timeless and adaptable, allowing you to play them up or down according to your personal fashion choices. Use a nude polish with an extra shine for a classy touch on your nails.

Coffin nails

If your nail length is good enough, you can create coffin-shaped decorations on them, also referred to as the ballerina style. Get acrylic nails if you prefer to keep your manicure short. The stylist tapers the sides of this form before square-off the tips. 

Square nails 

Square nails are a classic and timeless nail shape that has been popular for many years. This shape is characterized by having straight, sharp edges and a flat, squared-off tip. Square nails are a versatile choice, suitable for various nail lengths and styles, making them a favorite among those who appreciate a clean and polished appearance.

Almond nails

The nail’s base is left naturally rounded, the sides are tapered, and the tips are flattened into a little point, giving almond nails their name. Your fingers will appear thinner due to the overall appearance, and the shape goes well with a wide range of hues and patterns. 

Top ten fashion nails ideas for summers 

Cloud nails 

Although cloud nails are popular in winter, they remind us of summer. These cartoonish clouds are entirely doable on your own. You only need the ideal opaque white and an excellent painting brush (try Orly French Tips).

cloud nails

American French nails

For Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham’s wedding, manicurist Tom Bachik gave Peltz’s nails an American manicure in the style of the ’90s, which is similar to a French manicure but has less defined where the trips begin and end. This summer, the softer look is something we anticipate seeing everywhere.

American French nails

70s Swirls 

This summer, your best buddy will be graphic yet straightforward nail art. Use earthy, mustard-hued neutrals like Paintbox’s Like Lush and Like Flora Power Couple to give it a nostalgic feel.

70s Swirls 

Matte monotone

Want something a little more elegant yet still love the look of mismatched nails? Use various tones of the same color and a matte topcoat to give your nails a plush velvet finish.

Matte monotone

Slime green fashion nails 

Even if our Nickelodeon days are behind, these vibrant summer nails will always remind us how much we adore slime. To make the green pop, imitate nail artist Betina Goldstein and apply two coats of Essie Nail Polish in Blanc and one coat of Stencil Me In. Or, for that incredibly dazzling finish, visit your local salon and have gel nails.

Slime green nails 

Strawberry nails 

Is anything sweeter that you’ve seen? For the berries, try Essie’s Rock the Runway, Watermelon, and Off Tropic for the foliage.

Strawberry nails 

French nails 

Baby, it’s back. We love the traditional early-aughts throwback French manicure, even though there are currently many significant variations in the style—rainbow, glitter, and negative space. Nails with almond tips, whether natural or synthetic, look so lovely.

French nails 

Dainty florals 

To enjoy these tiny daisies, you don’t have to be a manicure expert. For absolutely symmetrical dots, use the end of a bobby pin or a toothpick. Easy.

Dainty florals nails

Ombre fashion nails 

Gradually increasing the intensity will make an opalescent finish even more fascinating. The above manicure was created by nail artist Sites Goldstein using the no longer available Essie shade Tiers of Joy. Consider Essie You Do Blue for a comparable result.

Ombre fashion nails 

French with blue tip 

A traditional French is given more contrast with brilliant blue tips and soft white ground. The whole thing looks even more fabulous with shorter nails.

Adorably cute summer toenail designs

When you have a lovely summer pedicure, don your sandals without thinking. Cute summer-toe fashion nails designs can stand alone and be sexy, or they can match the style and color of your manicure. Regular pedicures throughout the summer keep your feet healthy, clean, and maintained, making them look immaculate and fashionable. When experimenting with various summer paint ideas, you may change your finish and be proud to display your feet. You can reproduce exciting patterns and vivid colors on your toenails for a coordinated look with your new manicure. However, if you’re daring and wild, experiment with some toe nail art to liven things up.

Bottom line  

Your look is made more intriguing with summer fashion nails art. One of the greatest fads is ombre nails, which can be created with any combination of colors. Ask your nail artist to make a swirled pattern or add glitter designs on specific fingernails if you want something even more stylish.