Farms of Mari El started laying the future harvest

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To date, agricultural enterprises of the republic have prepared the ground for sowing on an area of ​​more than 13 thousand hectares.

Farms have already begun sowing of the Peredovik agricultural enterprise in the Morkinsky region, the Semenovsky Plemzavod CJSC and the Zemledelets agricultural enterprise in the Sernur region, and the Shoybulaksky Plemzavod JSC in the Orsha region, representatives of the region’s Ministry of Agriculture said.

To limit the spread of viral diseases of cereals and damage to them by pests, pre-sowing disinfection of sowing material was carried out in the amount of 598 tons, which is 11 percent of the plan. Winter crops were sown in three districts on an area of ​​442 hectares.

We remind that earlier we wrote that agricultural producers of Mari El have started harvesting crops – grain and leguminous crops, early potatoes, vegetables.

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