Famous physician warned which foods cause thrombosis and stroke

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These are red meat, eggs and cheese. It is these products in large quantities that can cause stroke and thrombosis in people over 45, says Alexander Karasev, a doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics.

According to the specialist, certain bacteria are capable of creating an extremely toxic compound from these food products, which is called trimethylamine. When the liver tries to eliminate it, oxidation occurs, damaging the endothelium.

“If there is damage to the endothelium plus fluctuations in glucose, then an atherosclerotic plaque forms at this site. If a plaque is formed, it is not yet very scary, but if it becomes rough, turbulent movement of blood begins around it, then this is a source of thrombosis. Further stroke and heart attack. There is a direct connection with microbiota, ”the doctor said.

Some categories of people are forbidden to eat red meat, writes “MK in Volgograd” with reference to the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

The World Health Organization recommends eating this product twice a week, while the portion should be no more than 150 grams, summed up Karasev.