Failure in Cuba: a truck damaged a heating main in a regional center in Karelia

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In the Karelian village, part of the residents were left without heat supply because of the truck driver. We are talking about the village Loukhi. As the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities and Energy of Karelia Viktor Rossypnov explained in social networks, the truck was moving in violation of the rules: with a lifted hydraulic manipulator, which caused it to hit the pipeline supports above the road. The incident resulted in the fall of the pillars. All residents of the village, without exception, had to be disconnected from the heat supply.

Photo: Viktor Rossypnov’s social media page

At three o’clock in the afternoon, heat was returned to most of the houses, however, not all. Residents of 12, 14, 16, 18 houses on Oktyabrskaya Street, houses 1 and 1a, 5 in Rabochy Lane, as well as House 49 on Sovetskaya Street are still waiting for heat. In addition, several social facilities were disconnected from heat supply: a polyclinic (Sovetskaya st., 24) and a hospital (Sovetskaya st., 55).

Specialists of the State Unitary Enterprise “KarelKommunEnergo” are restoring a section of the network so that the heat supply can be resumed by evening.

Rossypnov also added that the water supply in the Letnerechensky village has been restored, and water also appeared in most houses along Vozrozhdenie Street in Belomorsk.