Facts About Freeze Pipe That You Use During Your Sessions

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By mishel

The freeze pipe is a hand-held glass pipe with a frozen glycerine chamber. The smoke is rapidly cooled by over 300 degrees as it passes through the chamber, making for a far smoother and cleaner hit.

It is a Glass Pipe

A freeze pipe is a hand-held glass pipe that contains a freezable glycerin chamber. Glycerin is a non-toxic, gel-like substance that can be frozen much faster than water and stays cold longer. This feature is what makes the freeze pipe so unique. The glycerin in the freezer chamber cools the smoke as it passes through it. This results in a smooth and clean hit for the smoker. It also eliminates the harsh throat burn often associated with smoking traditional pipes or bongs. All you have to do is put the glycerin-filled glass piece in the freezer about an hour before you want to smoke, and you’re ready to go! You can even pre-freeze the glycerin bowl between sessions, making cleaning and repacking easier.

It is Easy to Clean

The freeze pipe is easy to clean. The reusable coils can be cleaned by soaking them in the cleaning solution. It is also easier to repack the bowl after cleaning it than with other hand pipes. You can purchase a freeze pipe online or at a local head shop. 

It is a Portable Device

Pipe freezing is a useful tool for modifying and repairing pipelines. It isolates a specific section of the pipe for repair work, allowing operations to continue without shutting down the entire system.

A frozen pipe is easy-to-clean and maintains the device. Unlike bongs, a freeze pipe must not be cleaned with harsh chemicals or brushes. It makes it a convenient and portable smoking solution.

Using the freeze pipe is simple: place it in the freezer for an hour, and it will be ready to smoke. It will make your hits much smoother and more enjoyable. Additionally, the removable bowl makes it easy to repack a dirty bowl. The glycerin coil also helps to cool your smoke and is safe for your throat.

It Has a Glycerine Chamber

The freeze pipe features a freezable glycerin chamber that makes hits cool and smooth. The smoke passes through the glycerin coil in the upper section of the bong and gets instantly cooled down by over 300 degrees. The cold smoke feels much smoother on the throat and lungs than traditional pipes’ hot, scratchy smoke. Glycerine is a natural substance that is typically found in food and cosmetics. It can reach freezing temperatures quicker than water and stays frozen longer, making it an ideal material for a cooling chamber. The small American-owned company behind the frozen pipe has developed a line of pipes, bubblers and bongs that feature a glycerin coil that can be frozen. The pipes are easy to use – put them in the freezer for around an hour before smoking.

It is Easy to Use

A freeze pipe is a portable device that’s simple to use. Just pop it in the freezer for a few hours, and you’re ready to go. This glass piece features a glycerin chamber that instantly cools the smoke by over 300 degrees. It makes for a smooth, cool hit to your throat. Glycerine is a gel-like substance often found in food and sweeteners. It can reach freezing temperatures much faster than water and stays frozen longer, making it a perfect choice for freeze pipes.

A freeze pipe is also a good option for smokers who want better filtration than a bong. It is because the glycerine chamber prevents tar and ash from being inhaled. It can help prevent throat irritation and discomfort from smoking a pipe.