Facelift using makeup

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Makeup is a force to be reckoned with. The way it transforms your looks is simply phenomenal. It allows you to enhance your looks, without going under the knife.

One of the great feats of makeup is that it makes you look more youthful, and conversely, older as well. It is the former however that most people aim to do.

From using anti-aging potions and creams, people take many careful steps to make themselves look younger.

You can visit a dermatologist at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital if you are in search of ways to keep looking youthful. Alongside following their advice, you can also use your good-old makeup to look younger.

Facelifting using makeup

Brow game

If you make your eyebrows look sharp with a steep arch, you face will look severe. Instead, go for a lateral look. Keep them soft and slightly horizontal. It will make your forehead look bigger. Moreover, it will also make you look younger.

Go north with the contour

Contouring helps in defining the shape of the face, and therefore gives a sculpted look. To enhance its impact, focus on drawing the contour upwards; not only does your face look more chiseled, but gets lifted up as well.

A cream contour is better and easier to work with. After applying it to the requisite areas, blend in slightly to the north rather than horizontally.

Easy on the forehead

Doing a sharp contour on your forehead is not good if you want to give your face a lift. It leads to closing up of your face, and that is something that you do not want to do.

Eye lift with the eye liner

Your eyelinertechnique plays a crucial role in determining the final look. If you go too thick and flat, it will make your eyes look smaller. Similarly, if your eye liner wing is too flat and focused horizontally, that will also make your eyes look smaller, not to mention age you.

Hence, you should use your eye liner technique to make your eyes look lifted. One trick is to start off from your tear duct, drawing the line alongside your lashes, but when you get to the pupil, rather than dragging the liner to follow the shape of your eye, give it a slight lift. It will then make your eye look lifted and bigger.

Another tip is to make the wing lift, if you are going for the feline flick. Rather than finish it off precisely alongside the lash line, end it prior to the eye. That way, you will lift your eyes from the corners, making your face appear tauter.


No cakey makeup

Try to tone down your foundation. If it is too thick and cakey, it will age you. It will also settle in your fine lines. Instead, keep the base to minimal. Go for a more dewy look with liquid base.

Watch the blush

Where you place your blush is important in how you face looks; naturally, you are using it to highlight your cheeks. If you make them look droopy, you will look older, as having taut and well-lifted face is a sign of youth.

A neat trick is to apply the blush not smack in the middle of your face, but instead focusing it upwards. Focus on the top part of your cheeks and go up near your temple.

Rethink concealer

When you want to apply concealer to lift your face, you need to skip on the conventional triangle underneath your eyes. Instead of doing this, place it strategically to the outer and inner corners of your eyes only. This allows for your face to look lifted, as you have now created the high points that draw the attention then.

However, some people have greater and darker undereye circles, that then need the concealer. In such cases, seek the help of your Dermatologist in Karachi for a good combating strategy.