Faced with a possible indictment, the Trump Organization recruits a new lawyer

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The Trump Organization, holding company of former US President Donald Trump, has recruited a new lawyer, strengthening its team as the Manhattan prosecutor’s investigation advances into suspicions of tax or bank fraud, one of the lawyers confirmed on Friday. of the company.

The Trump Organization, headquartered in the Trump Tower in Manhattan, has recruited Ronald Fischetti, lawyer Alan Futerfas told AFP. Mr. Fischetti “brings extraordinary experience, deep knowledge and invaluable wisdom,” he added, confirming information from the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Fischetti, 84, notably worked for several years with attorney Mark Pomerantz, now head of the investigative team in charge of the Trump case with the Manhattan district attorney.

No one knows if this investigation, conducted behind closed doors before a grand jury, will lead to an indictment against the former US president, which would be a first in US history.

But after obtaining eight years of tax returns and other financial documents from Donald Trump at the end of February – after 18 months of a battle going up to the Supreme Court of the United States – the prosecutor seems to be working hard.

According to several American media, his teams are currently trying to obtain the collaboration of the CFO of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, 73 years old.

To convince this faithful among the faithful of the former New York real estate mogul to collaborate with them, investigators are looking into the transactions of his son, Barry Weisselberg, also an employee of the Trump Organization: his ex-wife was photographed Thursday by the Washington Post carrying boxes of financial documents intended for investigators, who had demanded delivery.

Prosecutor Vance, an elected Democrat who is due to step down at the end of December, was initially investigating payments made, before the 2016 presidential election, to two alleged Trump mistresses. But his investigation has since widened to allegations of tax evasion, insurance fraud, or bank fraud.

If Donald Trump were indicted for tax or banking fraud in New York, he would risk jail time if convicted. But lawyers expect him to fight tooth and nail, and believe the legal battle could last for years.

The former Republican president, now a resident of Florida, made a very discreet visit to New York in early March. Her eldest daughter Ivanka also moved to Florida, and her eldest son Donald Jr. also bought a property there in late March, according to the Palm Beach Post.