Facebook plays the defense of targeted ads and SMEs against Apple

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Facebook continues its offensive against Apple with an advertising campaign in favor of targeted and personalized ads, the revenue engine of free internet platforms, which the iPhone manufacturer considers too lacking in transparency and too greedy in confidential data.

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“Personalized ads offer everyone good ideas,” chanted the social media giant’s announcement in a promotional video unveiled Thursday.

“All businesses start with an idea, and the ability to market that idea through targeted ads is essential for SMEs,” Facebook said in a statement, citing examples of products and services that appeal to people and not others. , “Like this yoga class with goats that (consumers) didn’t know they needed”.

Large-scale ultra-fine advertising targeting, the heart of Facebook and Google’s business model in particular, is threatened by the latest update to Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, scheduled for this year, which will force publishers to applications to be transparent about the collection and use of users’ personal information.

They will also have to ask users for their permission to track them.

Platforms and applications fear that consumers, faced with choice, will mostly decide to say no to tracking.

Facebook bases its argument largely on the defense of SMEs, which are already suffering from the economic crisis linked to the pandemic.

“Limiting the use of personalized ads would remove a vital growth engine for businesses,” the group repeated Thursday, also ensuring that users prefer to see ads that relate to them rather than generic.

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it will be releasing its own information to its users alongside that of the iPhone maker on the new consent window that will appear after the update.

Apple “uses its position as a dominant platform (mobile” to “favor its applications to the detriment of the growth of millions of companies around the world”, had carried away Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of the social network, during the presentation to analysts of quarterly results at the end of January.

“If a company is founded on the ability to deceive users, on the exploitation of data, on non-choices, it does not deserve our praise. It deserves our contempt, ”retorted shortly after Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, during a conference in Brussels on data privacy.