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Pontoon boats have been increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s simple to see why. Pontoon boat outfitters’ pontoon rod holder, with its flatbed construction and loads of room, can support a wide variety of boat enthusiasts.

However, if there is one thing your boat most likely needs right now, it’s a quality pontoon boat with rod holders. They are mainly built to sit or clamp on your rails without failing.

Why? Because the majority of the pontoon rod holders that come with your boat are cheap, unpleasant, likely to break, and just unfit for purpose. I know that now the ones I had pre-fitted to her boat. They didn’t just seem to position themselves at the perfect angle.

What are the Options for Pontoon Rod Holders?

Nylon, ABS plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome-plated brass, and zinc rod holders are available. Although nylon and fiberglass do not dissolve, they are not as strong as metals that have been treated. 

We choose stainless or browser brass holders for fishing in rough waters even though. They are strong enough to resist rod motion when running or trolled in a seaway. Therefore, fiberglass and plastic are fantastic choices for anglers on a budget or who want to fish in calmer waters.

Fixed-Mount and Removable Rod Holders

Most heavy-duty rod organizers are affixed because they can be fitted in holes given by the boat’s designers or fastened onto vertical wall-like cabin sides. 

However, we propose movable rod holders that fit into small, horizontally brackets if your vessel isn’t fitted up to accept fixed-mounted rod holders or is very small. This design enables you to swiftly and quickly install or uninstall the holder when not in use.

Flush-Mount and Swivel/Pivot Rod Holders

Flush mount rod holders are often placed into existent holes in the gunwale to keep rods upright or at a fixed angle of 30 degrees. Therefore, a vinyl liner protects the rod’s butt on high-end models built of chrome or stainless steel.

Some flush-mount rod holders have a swivel/pivot feature that allows the rod can rotate under side pressure, keeping the rod tip pointing at the fish. Therefore, this prevents scratching on the sides of rod guides from causing irritation and possible breakage of the fishing line.

How Do I Select the Right Holder?

Choose rod holders that are appropriate for the type of fishing you do and the kind of boat you have. For heavy-duty ocean fishing, stainless steel or chromium models are recommended. While nylon, fiberglass, and ABS plastic rod organizers are cost-effective choices for calmer seas. 

Therefore, angled flush-mount rod organizers that affix to a boat’s gunwale are the least recognizable flush-mount. They are construction avoids the risk of snagging your fishing line when tangled with a fish. However, Composites rod holders that spin, tilt, and lock into any required location are an excellent value and a lot of comfort for freshwater or light-inshore use.

Final Verdict:

Most pontoon boat outfitters pontoon rod holders have square railings, but many do have cylinder railings. When looking at the specifications of the pontoon rail road holders, be sure they are wide enough already to match your particular rail.

There are specific fishing rod holders for floating boat rails designed to suit square, cylinder, or round rails, but most of us on the market today should have a good enough holding system to fit on either.