Explore The 5 Most Powerful Protection Crystals & How They Can Help in Healing

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The world we live in is a beautiful place. It is full of wonderful people, a thriving nature, and boundless opportunities. Yet, for such an idyllic place, there is also danger and harm ever-present. As humans, we search for ways to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and free from harm’s way. There are no guarantees in life, but there are tools we can use to instil a sense of safety and comfort within us. One of those tools is crystals. We can employ the various energetic powers of these stones to guard us, our loved ones, and the spaces in which we inhabit.


If you are interested in learning how to use crystals to protect yourself, then read on! We will explore the best crystals for defence, examining their many properties and benefits. 

What Are Protection Crystals? 

Whenever you carry a Protective Stone in both palms, the vibrations of the stone will be absorbed by your body. As indicated by the crystal specialists at Karma & Luck, this vibration will flow through your body until it reaches the spot that needs to be protected. When you set a Protection Crystals in your house or business, the energies of the stone will harmonise and harmonise the energies in the space. This is the point at which spiritual cleansing or healing takes place!

All You Need To Know About The 5 Best Protection Crystals 

Crystals were originally mentioned in history by the Old Sumerians, who used them in magic recipes. Lapis lazuli, aquamarine, carnelian, emerald, and pure quartz were all utilised in Ancient Egyptian jewellery. They created burial amulets out of the same jewels as well. Stones were extensively employed by the Ancient Egyptians for protection and healing. Chrysolite (later topaz & peridot) was utilised to ward off night terrors to ward off bad spirits. Best crystals for protection were also employed cosmetically by the Egyptians, this is where many top quality jewelry makers, such as Karma & Luck, get inspiration from. Galena (lead ore) has been processed into dust and used as kohl, a type of eye shadow. 

Black Tourmaline – The Defender & Healer

A great defender and healer. It balances bad energy and replaces it with neutrality, making it ideal for preventing psychic attacks and destructive thought patterns. (It is also said that it protects from dangerous electromagnetic radiation emitted by modern technologies such as mobile phones and laptops as a result of this.)

Obsidian – A Fantastic Truth Teller 

Obsidian, also referred to as volcanic glass, is formed from volcanic magma that has cooled rapidly. It works quickly as a protective barrier from negativity by nature. It absorbs negative energy like a sponge and therefore should be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning your obsidian beneath running water and envisioning all of that bad energy going down the sewer and out of your home might be an amazing event for setting an intention for protection. Obsidian is a powerful truth-teller; thus, it can assist you in determining what is causing negativity in your home.

Amethyst – The Queen of Mental Tranquillity 

The Amethyst was utilised by mystics in the Middle Ages to heal everything from spider stings to acne. This violet sparkler is well-known and can be found in a variety of shapes. Amethyst is a stone that has been used for spiritual and emotional protection. It can help you break nervous or addicted thought patterns and evolve into higher consciousness. Its strong vibration repels negative, anxious energies and promotes mental tranquillity. Nightmares can be avoided by keeping an amethyst on the nightstand or even under your pillow.

Clear Quartz – The Most Active 

Clear quartz is among the most active crystals, and it’s said to be beneficial in deflecting negative as well as attracting optimism. It’s also incredibly impressionable, so while dealing with it, make sure you have a clear and definite objective in mind. Quartz is also one of those gemstones that may be used for almost any purpose. Clear quartz may absorb the energy of many other crystals it comes into contact with. If you utilise another stone for protection, for example, clear quartz will increase its energy and provide even more security into your life. Clear quartz purifies energy when used alone, so you can use this to let go of everything that is no more benefiting you.

Pyrite – The Fool’s Gold 

Pyrite, commonly called “Fool’s Gold,” is a lovely crystal that protects your vitality. If you’ve ever visited a crystal shop, you’ve probably seen this stunning piece. Its golden hue is designed to represent plenty, self-assurance, and, most importantly, safety. Pyrite aids in the release of negative energy and the manifestation of beneficial developments.

How To Find The Best Protection Crystal For Yourself? 

These powerful crystals for protection and safety have a lot of power in today’s world. They only become more potent as time passes, and they can be a highly helpful asset in assisting us in reconnecting with the natural world. To find premium quality and authentic protection crystals, check out Karma & Luck, their crystals are nothing less than tranquil! They assist us in channelling our intentions, raising our vibrations, and bringing out all of the dormant elegance, beauty, and magic that you already possess. Remember that everything in life has a vibration, and if we could somehow match our internal frequencies to the things we would like in life, we may be able to assert them. Crystals, with their purifying properties and good vibrations, can help to close the gap. These small magical stones also encourage us to cleanse our brains, sit in meditation, and ponder how we can relax our minds.

Find The Right Protection Crystal for Yourself! 

If you’re already dubious about healing crystals of protection, they’re probably not going to help you. They’re not likely to damage you, though. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, people continue to experiment with crystals. 


The key to receiving the wonderful attributes that these lovely stones can provide is to keep an open mind. There’s really nothing wrong with offering crystals a fair chance, whether you’re looking for general positive energy or specific healing abilities. Perhaps you’ll be pleasantly pleased. You can utilize a variety of Protection Stones for various causes and objectives.