Explore Egypt With The Nile River Cruises.

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From the beginning only, Egypt has served as one of the best and safest tourist destinations. Encircled by warm Egyptian hospitality, courteous and kind-hearted locals you’re gonna feel at home and as safe as you’ll ever be. It is important to have some sensible precautions and preparations as you will be able to explore.

For those looking to take a longer holiday to experience more during their stay in this fascinating country Egypt, then the Nile cruise boats sailing between Luxor, Cairo, and Aswan for at least 14 days are the perfect opportunity to gain knowledge and discover some hidden treasures not seen on the shorter Nile cruises.

Generally, Egypt is considered to be a very safe city with your mind at ease and usually, this place has a low crime rate, which is one of the reasons for visitors and substantially more than safe especially in areas frequently visited by tourists.

If you are also looking for a Nile river cruise holidays then select what is the best Nile cruise in Egypt? Especially from Luxor or Aswan and simply enjoy your trip to Egypt on board a Nile cruise.

The Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan usually takes 5 days and vice versa Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor in 4 days. People also have the choice to go on around Nile cruise move around the Luxor or in Aswan.

Egypt and Jordan tours

Another day features of Egypt and Jordan tours is an enticing visit to the west bank to see the valley of the kings, the valley of the queens, and Hatshepsut temple, then wearing a casual attire for the captain’s welcome party and chat the whole night away as you sail to Edfu.

A one day trip to Edfu and Kom Ombo will let you discover the temple of Horus, Kom Ombo in Edfu, then sail to Aswan to stopover at the Aswan high dam, uncompleted obelisk and the temple of Philae

Or you can take a deluxe Nile cruise from Cairo joined by a private Egyptologist tour guide to enjoy a marvellous journey in upper Egypt by discovering the most famous Egypt tourist attractions in Luxor and Aswan along the Nile river.

Oberoi Philae Nile cruise is situated along the river Nile on the Oberoi Philae and visitors will simply fall in love with the secrets of ancient Egypt as starting from eternal monuments to hand-carved temples and tombs.

These cruiser offers spacious accommodations with all-day fine dining and revitalising spa treatments, as well as an in a house movie theatre and a dance floor; luxuries that are complemented by the sincere consideration for your every need.