Experts talked about the differences between three Russian vaccines from COVID-19

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Experts say that using Russian vaccines Sputnik V, EpiVacCorona and KoviVak, which is now awaiting registration, it is quite possible to inoculate 70-80% of the population in a short time.

“With the help of three vaccines, it will be possible to do this much faster,” said Mikhail Kagan, Honored Doctor of Russia, leading scientific editor of the service to Izvestia. – In addition, today it is believed that post-vaccination immunity will not be lifelong, revaccination will be required. Having three drugs and using them consistently in this regard may be the best solution.

Each of the drugs has its own advantages, experts explained to Izvestia. The advantage of Sputnik V is its versatility, EpiVacCorona is safe for people with allergic diseases, and KoviVac is unpretentious: the vaccine is easier to store and transport.

However, a complete picture of the effect of each vaccine will be obtained in about a year.

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