Experts point out the differences between the call of the Sberbank robot and the call of the scammers

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Experts named the main differences between the call of the Sberbank assistant, which addresses the bank’s customers with individual offers, from fraudulent calls aimed at obtaining personal information.

As a rule, Sberbank clients regularly receive calls from a special robot from number 900. He addresses them by name and patronymic and asks the interlocutor to confirm this information, but bank users are very suspicious of such calls, which is why in most cases they interrupt the conversation. In turn, Sberbank said that their robot really turns to customers with the requirement of an identification procedure, since an individual offer cannot be voiced to other persons.

However, at the end of 2020, the organization warned its users that telephone scammers have resorted to the active use of robots: under the guise of a bank assistant, they report some suspicious transactions and invite the client to talk to a security officer. According to the RIA Novosti organization, most often scammers call from numbers starting with +7 495 or +7 499, while banks and other official organizations use short numbers, for example, the same 900.

The head of the All-Russia People’s Front “For the Rights of the Borrower” Evgenia Lazareva recommended dropping any calls coming from “robots” and bots. Her opinion was supported by Mikhail Levitin, director of development at Qrator Labs, and recalled the threat of sound casts.

In turn, the chief expert of Kaspersky Lab, Sergey Golovanov, said that scammers cannot fake short numbers consisting of several digits, and any attempt to pull off such a scam ends with a quick blocking of the number by the operator. Nevertheless, the expert advised to remain vigilant and carefully watch the number of the incoming call.

On Saturday, April 24, Maksim Kostikov, head of the banking systems security research group at Positive Technologies, said that many citizens, without noticing it, make it easier for fraudsters to enter their online bank account.

Currently, leaks of banking information are a fairly frequent phenomenon. To restore access to your personal account, you must have information about the login and password, card and phone number. In order to obtain the listed information, fraudsters intercept SMS messages, which allows them to change the client’s authentication data.