Experts named the reasons for blocking the card after the scammers call

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A bank card after a conversation with telephone scammers must be blocked if the owner himself gave them the data, as well as if a message with a confirmation code for withdrawing money came before the attackers called, said experts interviewed by RIA Novosti.

For example, according to Maxim Kostikov, head of the banking systems security research group at Positive Technologies, if an SMS is sent to write off funds, and then fraudsters call to receive a one-time confirmation code, “in this case, you must immediately block the card, since, most likely, the attackers learned the information on the card – number, CVV, etc. “.

In addition, it is necessary to block the card if the owner himself revealed some data in a conversation with scammers.

“If you yourself disclosed the data to the fraudsters, promptly contact the bank at the number indicated on the bank card or official website, report the call or message – tell them the phone number of the attackers. Further, the bank will independently take measures to block your account, re-issue cards and block the fraudster’s number, “advised Group-IB information security specialist Sergei Zolotukhin.

The expert also recommends, in case of suspicion of a leak of your data, to change passwords in the bank’s mobile application on all devices.

In addition, experts advise to create a separate virtual card for online purchases and everyday expenses, transfer minimum amounts to it and enter a monthly money limit for purchases.

On February 2, experts told Izvestia that new telephone fraud schemes appear almost every week. In most of them, scammers mainly profit from the gullibility of citizens, but there are also such schemes in which it is possible to deceive even those who check incoming numbers.

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