Experts Name Five Foods That Accelerate Aging

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Researchers believe that a number of foods and drinks can change the condition of the skin, specifically contributing to the appearance of acne, age spots and accelerating the aging process.

According to nutrition expert Stacey Tucker, facial swelling occurs due to water retention, which occurs due to the high amount of salt in the food you eat. At the same time, the skin can crack, dry, or, conversely, become oily.

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First of all, it is worth giving up alcoholic beverages, as they dehydrate the body. Also, alcohol can lead to flabby and gray skin, as well as enlargement of pores.

Dairy products can cause acne because cows have very high levels of hormones that the human body changes to DHT.

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Sugar and sweets increase insulin levels, which can also cause skin inflammation.

A couple of cups of coffee a day will not do much harm, but three or more will lead to premature aging of the epidermis. Experts believe that caffeine eliminates collagen, which makes skin firm and healthy.